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Securitas North America Security Officer of the Year
Each year, Securitas North America recognizes one security officer for heroism, and one security officer for outstanding performance. The winners are chosen based on nominations from their colleagues and managers, and are featured in Excellence in Service magazine. Each winner receives a substantial check and plaque for being selected as the Officer of the Year.

Harry Bell

Pauline Johnston

2015 Security Officer of the Year for Heroism

This award recognizes a security officer who demonstrates courage, daring, professionalism and self-sacrifice while helping to protect people or property. The 2015 award winner is Pauline Johnston from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

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Harry Bell

Nicholas Watson

2015 Security Officer of the Year for Performance

Nicholas Watson of the North Central Region
was recognized for consistently providing excellent service and outstanding performance. He is currently assigned Corte Bella, a gated community in Phoenix, AZ.

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Service Notes

Our officers play a key part in providing the peace of mind that allows people, organizations and communities to prosper. Through actions, big and small, every day, and combining expertise in security with a passion for service, our team can make a difference. 

Security Team

Security Officer Jennifer Stewart
Pacific Region

Career Corner

While patrolling the parking lots of the Grossmont Center Mall in San Diego, CA, Security Officer Jennifer Stewart observed
a suspicious car parked in the area. As she drove towards the vehicle to evaluate the situation, it drove away at a high rate of
speed. Stewart made a mental note of the vehicle and a few minutes later saw the same vehicle in a parking structure. From
a safe distance, she observed the vehicle and occupants and watched them walk away a few times and then return to the
vehicle. She noted the suspicious activity and wrote down the license plate prior to continuing her patrol.

Later that morning, Stewart was informed that an alarm in a mall jewelry store was activated. She responded to the alarm and discovered that a robbery had taken place, and several watches were stolen. She immediately reported the incident to the La Mesa Police Department and also informed them of her earlier observations. The detectives investigated the lead provided by Officer Stewart and were able to identify the individuals in the burglary. The license plate information was instrumental in the investigation which ultimately lead to an arrest and recovery of some of the stolen merchandise. Officer Stewart received a letter of appreciation from the Las Mesa Chief of Police, thanking her for her dedication to her assignment and observation skills which helped to solve this case.