Employing and Honoring Veterans

At Securitas USA, we proudly welcome our military heroes back to the workforce. Since January 2012, Securitas USA has hired more than 33,500 veterans.

Securitas USA seeks new ways to strengthen our support of veterans and honor their commitment to our country. Veterans are motivated by the same set of values that lead our company and can bring a unique and valuable skill set to Securitas USA.

We are actively seeking applicants with military experience. We appreciate your service, value your skills, and welcome you to apply with us.

Security Skills and Experience

Securitas recognizes that military skill sets and experience closely match up to many security industry jobs because veterans have been well-trained in a structured work setting.

Securitas Security Officer

Based on your military experience, are you:

  • Accustomed to performing and making decisions in changing circumstances?
  • Adaptable to various and changing work environments?
  • Structured and disciplined, with an appreciation for companies that emphasize safety, procedures and service excellence?
  • Equipped with crucial skills like problem solving and leadership?

News on Veteran Hiring at Securitas:

7,000 Veterans Hired in 2016

I am pleased to announce that 2016 was another active year for veteran recruitment, with 7,000 veterans hired across Securitas' North American operations. By the end of the year, about 15,000 veterans called Securitas home. Military veterans bring important and complementary skill sets to our company. Securitas is committed to hiring them as part of our organizational development. I'd like to thank these former military men and women for their service, first to their country and now to Securitas and our clients. While some may join us and transition to other opportunities, many stay and build careers with us. We're proud to welcome all of them and appreciate their time with us. I look forward to seeing their many contributions and encourage everyone to remember this talented resource as an option for staffing available positions.

Thank you,

Rocco L. DeFelice, CPP 
Executive Vice President, Human Resources


Securitas is proud to be a member of the Veteran Jobs Mission

We’ve been a member of this private-sector collation since 2012, formally known as 100,000 Jobs Mission. Their original goal was to hire 100,000 U.S. military veterans by 2020.  Because the collation has far surpassed that goal, they have changed their name and set their goal to collectively hire a total of one million military veterans—with a strong focus on retention and career development of veterans in the private sector.       

See more: Veteran Jobs Mission

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Veterans Working for Securitas

Career Corner

Officer Michael Green joined Securitas USA
in 2001 and is a Site Security Manager at
DuPont Fabros Technology in Ashburn, VA. He is responsible for managing the security services and related operations for the client. These include client services, preparation of post orders, staffing, scheduling, supervision and training.

Green served in the U.S. Navy from 1981 –
2001, where he was stationed in many states,
and on the USS Buchanan (DDG-14) and USS
Samuel Gompers (AD-37) destroyers, as well as
the guided missile cruiser USS Shiloh (CG-67). 

When asked how his military career helps him in his current job with Securitas USA, Green commented, “No one remembers what you do right. But no one forgets what you did wrong!” This quote reminds him daily to perform to the highest Securitas USA standards in both appearance and customer service. “Because my job requires one-on-one interaction with tenants and customers, I have learned to be an effective communicator. In addition to supervising nine officers, I regularly put my military experience expertise to work when I motivate, mentor and educate other officers. This provides them the opportunity to become effective leaders at Securitas.”