Securitas Law Enforcement Division (Special Projects Group)

Securitas' experienced armed retired and off-duty law enforcement officers (CCW & exposed firearm) are ready to serve clients across California

About the Securitas Special Projects Group, Law Enforcement Division

This division is comprised of all retired and off-duty law enforcement officers who have extensive years of experience as well as training that exceeds California state mandates. Our Law Enforcement Division is prepared to assist with armed (CCW & exposed firearm) officers to address a multitude of threats. In addition to rigid law enforcement requirements, our officers carry BSIS (Bureau of Security and Investigative Services) license certification as well as maintaining concealed firearms permits. This service is available 24/7 with no long-term contract - a single phone call is all that’s required to initiate service. We can have law enforcement officer(s) posted within hours. Key services include:

Corporate Crisis Management

Our law enforcement officers are prepared to assist with high-risk terminations, workplace violence prevention, threat assessments, event management, active shooter training and more.

Protective Services

Officers can provide protection for corporate leaders, executives and more. We leverage our team’s advance planning, timely sourcing of information and coordination with local authorities to deliver superior protective services for executive protection, executive drivers, protective escorts, surveillance, VIP security and asset protection.

Police Supplemental Staffing

Partnerships between local law enforcement agencies and Securitas Law Enforcement Division allows communities to leverage scarce resources, while effectively helping to combat threats to public safety.  SPG Officers assist with arrestees that require custodial security until they are processed into law enforcement facilities or local jails.  Moreover, this program supports local law enforcement agencies by allowing police officers to continue to perform core duties of their service.  Our Law Enforcement Division also provides services such as hospitalized suspect watch, prisoner transfer and neighborhood patrols.

SPG Office Location:  Covering the entire USA

1500 West Carson Street # 109 
Long Beach, CA 90810
(714) 920-9201

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