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Have a unique security problem at your business site? Securitas has the solutions.

Securitas services a wide range of clients in a variety of industries and markets. Our security solutions are designed by working closely with our clients to provide customized security solutions for unique site needs.

Browse some client case studies to see examples of Securitas' effective solutions in a variety of industries.


Featured Case Studies:

Home Staging Company Moves from Reactive to Proactive Security

Modern building with a mix of office space and warehouse areaA premier home staging company with multiple locations had historically taken a reactive approach to video security. After recent incidents, it sought to move to a more proactive approach without a significant increase in security spending. Find out how a combination of Securitas Remote and Mobile Guarding now deals with incidents such as trespassing in real-time.





Picture Perfect Security

Modern office building with large windows on a sunny day

A photography firm was seeking security for a new location in a moderate risk area. As a current client with Securitas affiliate Pinkerton, the client looked to extend the relationship by adding Securitas services as well. Find out how Remote Guarding now stops trespassers without the need for further intervention.





Ethical Transient Interdiction

Office Building with Sullivan, Higdon & Sink logoSullivan, Higdon & Sink advertising agency needed to address ongoing incidents of transients taking shelter near its entrances. In doing so, the client wanted to avoid investing in a 24/7 physical security presence. Securitas Remote and Mobile Guarding offered thorough and cost-effective security for this client’s needs. Find out how



Old stone bank building, etched sign reads "bank"

Credit Union

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High Profile Security with a Customer Focus

A well-known cultural center needed visible security that was friendly to visitors. Securitas USA trained security officers in venue specific topics to form a knowledgeable, welcoming yet protective force.

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