Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some frequently asked questions about Securitas and the security industry. If your inquirty is not addressed here, please contact us through the form at the bottom for more information.

General Questions About Securitas

What makes Securitas The Leader in Protective Services?

Securiats operates in 53 countries and has affiliates in many others. This gives us an extensive global reach, while over 350 local Securitas offices across the United States gives us an extensive local presense as well. Securitas has over 330,000 employees, with over 85,000 employees and 500 local branch managers in the United States.

With the largest security footprint and support network in North America, Securitas is the only organization capable of providing security expertise and solutions across the Six Pillars of protective services.

What is the New Face of Security?

The security industry is evolving to meet the changing needs of our clients. The security of the future is a combination of people, knowledge, and technology. This is the new reality we are facing and we call it the New Face of Security. Click here to read more.

What is Securitas's mission? What are Securitas' values?

Securitas’ mission is to protect homes, workplaces, and communities by providing the security they need to protect their assets, safeguard their people, and maintain their ability to generate profits.

Our values are Integrity, Vigilance, and Helpfulness.

Who are Securitas' partners?

We partner with a variety of comapnies in our industry and community on the global, national, and local levels. Visit Our Partnerships page for full details.

What is the Securitas Operations Center?

The Securitas Operations Center (SOC) in Charlotte, NC is the home of Securitas USA's Remote Guarding services. It also houses our National Call Center which provides client support, handling over 630,000 calls per year.

What is Securitas USA's history?

Securitas AB entered the United States by acquiring Pinkerton, an agency that dates back to 1850. Visit Our History page to learn more.

Where does the name "Securitas" come from?

Securitas was the name of the Roman goddess of security and stability.

Is Securitas USA on any social media platforms?

Securitas USA maintains a presence on the following social media platforms:

Many of our regional and branch offices have social media accounts on a variety of different platforms - check with your local office to find out.

Questions About Securitas' Services:

What are Protective Services?

Securitas goes beyond the scope of a traditional security company. Whether your requirements necessitate one or multiple services, understanding the benefits of each pillar can help to inform your decision-making. Our protective services are a combination of security strategies and systems that allow us to create a customized security plan for your company. Securitas has Six Pillars of Protective Services. Visit our What We Do section for full details or continue reading for an overview of our services.

What are Securitas' Six Pillars of Protective Services?

  1. On-Site Guarding
  2. Mobile Guarding
  3. Remote Guarding
  4. Electronic Services
  5. Corporate Risk Management
  6. Fire & Safety

Two or more of these services can be combined to create a specialized Integrated Guarding plan for your company.

What is Integrated Guarding?

Contract security services are often viewed as a traditional security officer making patrol inspections or controlling access at a fixed post. While these functions remain crucial to security at many locations, Securitas Security Services USA, Inc. is able to offer, through its affiliated companies and specialty divisions, a much broader range of security solutions that can add significant value to client organizations. Integrated Guarding from Securitas combines the best of our services to create a customized solution for each company. Visit our Integrated Guarding page for more information.

What is On-site Guarding?

Securitas security officers are the foundation of our organization. Officers are screened and trained to help enable them to convey a high degree of professionalism in their mission of helping safeguard people, property and information. We hold our officers to a high standard and expect them to execute their duties while upholding our core values of integrity, vigilance, and helpfulness. Learn more by visiting our On-Site Guarding page.

On-Site Guarding technology: SecuritasVision is our analytics tool which enables our clients to make insightful data-driven security decisions, moving from merely reactive security to dynamic, highly-targeted Forecasted Security. Insights gathered by our On-Site, Mobile, and Remote Guarding services can then be viewed on our comprehensive client portal, SecuritasConnect.

What is Mobile Guarding?

Preventable patrol inspections are a proactive deterrent to theft, vandalism and other unlawful acts. Using clearly marked Securitas vehicles, our Mobile security officers can respond to alarms, escort employees, and open and close business on premises. Our officers can be dispatched remotely, or operate at the predetermined as well as random times from locations miles apart. For added assurance, Securitas Mobile Guarding provides clients real-time, web-based reporting of patrol inspections. For full details, visit our Mobile Guarding page.

What is Remote Guarding?

Remote Guarding solutions are real-time security programs that offer an intelligent way to supplement on-site security requirements. Remote Guarding services can be proactive, reactive or interactive, depending on the requirement they are intended to address. Common Remote Guarding services include: alarm verification, remote patrol, remote entry/exit management, remote employee escort and remote perimeter protection. The combination of smart technology and our security expertise creates unprecedented efficiency to help protect your facility 24/7. Visit our Remote Guarding page for more information.

What are Electronic Services?

Securitas is uniquely positioned to offer electronic security solutions directly through Securitas Electronic Security or Integrated with your guarding program. Securitas Electronic Security is a full service electronic security company, providing access control, intrusion and surveillance systems, capable of supporting or integrating service for every Securitas client. Our comprehensive approach to Integrated Guarding assesses all aspects of client facilities in order to help design a program that meets their security requirements thoroughly and efficiently and can provide a single point of contact for design, installation and service. Securitas is a service company and we can provide consultation and service programs for our systems or those already installed by another provider. Visit our Electronic Security page for more information.

What is Corporate Risk Management?

Through Pinkerton, a related company, clients have access to Pinkerton's rich tradition of service excellence, which has made it the leading corporate risk management company in the world.  Pinkerton provides a uniquely holistic approach to risk management that helps protect and create value for clients. As your trusted risk advisor, Pinkerton focuses on mitigating risk through a full range of services and solutions that address threats across all operational and strategic areas of an organization on a global basis. Pinkerton's specialized offerings range from Investigative service sand employment screening to executive protection, crisis management, brand protection, risk profile analysis, security management and business intelligence services. Visit our Risk Management page for more information.

What is Fire & Safety?

Securitas has a long history of providing fire and safety related services to our clients. These specialized services include EMT, Fire & Life Safety consulting, fire brigade and fire equipment inspection services. Often, these services are provided in conjunction with other Securitas services, but they can be provided directly. For more information, visit our Fire & Safety Services page.

Certain industries that Securitas protects, such as the Petrochemical, Aerospace/Defense, and Energy industries, are especially prone to fire hazards at their facilities. Through Securitas Critical Infrastructure Services (SCIS), we bring you experience in assessing your facility and possible scenarios to find cost-effective ways to enhance the overall fire service program. 

What are the advantages of an Integrated Guarding plan?

  • Cost efficiencies without compromising your security program
  • Flexibility with customized security solutions
  • Single provider for all your security services

How are Securitas' services combined for Integrated Guarding?

Our local branch managers complete detailed Securitas Risk Assessments with our clients because no two companies are the same. Each company has its own unique set of risk factors which is why each of our companies have different solutions tailored to fit these unique needs.

Questions About the Security & Protective Services Industry

What are some of the common terms and phrases used in the security industry?

ASIS International's Glossary provides a comprehensive list of terms for security professionals.

What are Securitas' case studies? What types of case studies does Securitas have?

Our case studies are brief stories showcasing the benefits that our services have created for clients. Some of our cases are about new clients engaging Securitas for the first time and some are about our long-term clients looking to revise an existing security plan to meet new needs. We have case studies for over 20 different industries and add new ones regularly.

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