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“Top Security Threats and Management Issues Facing Corporate America” Survey Report

This report reflects Securitas USA’s survey of a wide range of security managers and directors from Fortune 1000 companies and other industry participants responsible for the safety and security of corporate America’s people, property, and information.

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Workplace Violence

Business Preparedness & Hurricane Risk


Key data points demonstrate the opportunity companies have to recover quickly and capture market share after a hurricane. Companies that are prepared to handle temporary loss of business can return their operation to normal more expeditiously than others and are well positioned to meet consumer demand.

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Crisis Planning and Response: Preparing for the Unexpected

By Securitas VP Robert Russell; originally in Campus Law Enforcement Journal

How prepared is your organization for a crisis, whether caused by people or by nature? Carefully developed and implemented crisis management plans are vital for lessening the potential impact of an unforeseen event.

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Enterprise Security Competency Model

As a result of the previous research and survey findings produced through the collaboration of the ASIS Foundation with the University of Phoenix/Apollo Education Group, the U.S. Department of Labor has now published the “Enterprise Security Competency Model.”

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Enterprise Security Risks and Workforce Competencies

This publication discusses competencies security professionals will require in training, education and certifications, and where technology and business will be in 2025.

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Improved Security & an Automated Visitor Experience

Securitas developed a customized, fully automated entry approach to help this Homeowner's Association improve security while sticking to the budget.

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