Securitas USA delivers mobile security application for enterprises, consumers and employees

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Securitas Security Services USA, Inc. (Securitas USA) announces the launch of “Securitas SOS”, a mobile application that provides emergency services. Triggered by the user or automatically detected with a fall or impact, emergency services are deployed to the exact user’s location and notifications are sent to a pre-set list of contacts.

Securitas SOS aims to allow users to feel confident and secure about navigating through a complex and fast-paced mobile world, whether they are traveling in a car or walking in the park, domestically or internationally.

Other robust features allow for individual, employee or fleet tracking and analytics, 24X7 nurse line, roadside assistance, weather, traffic, crime, news, disasters, corporate alerting and much more.

Powered by My911 Inc., Securitas SOS will be available to Securitas USA enterprise customers, through its U.S. workforce initially and to individual consumers through the Securitas USA Mobile website,

Tim Keller, vice president, Securitas Mobile adds, “Securitas USA’s goal is to deliver best-in-class security services and in partnering with My911 Inc., it now has access to the most comprehensive mobile technology solution providing for the safety of its customers.”

Highlighted by patent-pending impact detection technology, Securitas SOS is a cutting-edge service that uses the most advanced features available through mobile devices, applications and networks.

Users and corporations have significant control over the settings, rules and the information their application and online portal complement delivers to maximize detection, direction and protection of events and persons.

“Built for flexibility, our application suite was customized to meet the unique requirements of Securitas USA. Securitas Security Services USA is a major force in its industry and we are honored to be a part of this initiative,” said Larry Hurwitz, CEO, My911 Inc.

Securitas SOS is available on both the Android and Blackberry platforms and will soon be released for iPhone. For more information and ordering, please visit