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Security History

Have you ever wondered when the security industry started? Or what shaped the security industry in America?

The following are some interesting facts about the history of security and how it shapes the industry that we know today. For history specific to only Securitas USA, click here.

What started the security industry?

The need for security dates back as early as people began to claim items as their own. Even in ancient cultures, doorkeepers managed the flow of traffic into buildings and guards supervised the marketplaces to apprehend thieves.

What role did dogs have in ancient history secuirty?

Dogs were used across ancient cultures for security, hunting, and companionship. Click here to learn more about the role of security dogs in ancient cultures.

Who was the first female detective?

Kate Warne became the first female detective in 1856 and quickly proved herself as one of Pinkerton National Detective Agency’s best operatives.

Who was the first African-American detective in America?

Between 1861-1865, Allan Pinkerton recruited the first African-American Union Intelligence Agent, John Scobell. Scobell used his intelligence and acting skills to gain valuable insights during the war. He also worked in various undercover roles alongside Pinkerton’s best agents.

When was the first alarm system invented?

On June 21, 1853, the first electromagnetic alarm system was patented. It worked based on an electrical circuit. When a door or window opened, the circuit closed and resulted in vibrations that transmitted to a hammer and brass bell. Prior to this, home security mostly relied on startled farm animals and guard dogs.

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