Integrated Guarding Nails it for Lumber Manufacturer

Lumber Manufacturer | Integrated Guarding with Remote Perimeter Patrol

One of the largest timber processing facilities in the state of Maryland identified a need to make officer patrols more effective. After discussions, the Securitas Solutions Support Team recommended that the client employ a mixture of Securitas Remote and Mobile Guarding Services with a new video surveillance system to keep its property secure during overnight hours.

Due to the large size of the facility and the number of buildings, it was difficult for one On-site Guarding officer to patrol the entire facility. After multiple incidents of individuals gaining access to the property, the local Securitas branch manager performed a Securitas Risk Analysis to identify alternatives that would better secure the property and improve the client’s overall security program.


Read the full case study to find out how Remote Guarding notably enhanced security coverage of the facility.

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