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Manufacturing Facilities Security | Idexx Laboratories

Challenge: Protecting the people and technology that keep animals healthy and water and milk safe.

IDEXX moves the needle on innovations in animal health and water and milk safety. With 6,000 employees worldwide working round-the-clock working to develop, manufacture and commercialize the products and services that keep animals healthy and milk and water safe, the company’s security needs reach past the walls of their Westbrook, Maine headquarters.


  • Officers are trained extensively beyond basic access control; they are versed in IP video networks, access systems and rely heavily on skilled communication with employees & customers across more than 80 locations.
  • In addition to various reception & patrol posts and incident management services, the Security Command & Control Center provides around-the-clock global alarm monitoring services for many remote facilities.
  • Officers are encouraged to invest in their position by recognizing and voicing best practices and innovative solutions for a safe environment.


The partnership between Securitas and IDEXX has been so successful that many Securitas officers have developed specific skillsets and relationships that have earned them employment within IDEXX itself. Former Securitas Account Manager now managing Worldwide Security Services for IDEXX, Greg Strand notes that this supportive collaborative environment contributes to their overall mission of providing a safe and secure environment.

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