Keeping Crime Off-Campus

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Challenge: Keeping campus a safe place for students.

University of Bridgeport offers undergraduate and graduate degrees to approximately 5,000 students from diverse backgrounds. School safety is a top priority as they have an open campus in a very high-crime ridden area.


  • Round-the-clock visible and vigilant security is essential. Trained in first aid and CPR, officers are the first responders to medical emergencies and are prepared for situations too common in college-age populations such as suicides, sexual assaults, and drug and alcohol-related issues.
  • Personal Alarm Locators are available to students, faculty and staff. This device allows the Securitas USA team to pinpoint each individual's location; and generally respond to requests in under two minutes.
  • Specialized training including Incident Command, High Rise and Hazmat mean the officers know how to respond in a given situation.

Results: Crime is down and enrollment has increased.

"Parents and potential students recognize that we provide a safe environment," notes April J. Vournelis, Executive Director of Campus Security. "That's why we stand behind Securitas. Lots of companies contact me and they'll promise the world for a lower rate, but in reality, you get what you pay for.”

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