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Integrated Guarding | Michelin North America

Michelin North America continually seeks ways to innovate and enhance safety and security at its 25 administrative offices, research facilities, training centers and manufacturing plant sites. Securitas USA, provider of guarding services and a range of technology and emergency response support to Michelin for more than a decade, was asked to assess needs at various locations with the objective of improving security and gaining efficiencies.

Security requirements at Michelin facilities vary greatly, depending on the type of business and operations activities conducted. Securitas officers traditionally have been posted at several Michelin sites on a 24/7 basis to help maintain safe and secure environments; other locations have relied on technology with no physical security coverage. A plan needed to be developed that would improve security effectiveness in certain locations while reducing overall security program costs.


Read the full case study to see how Securitas USA implemented its Integrated Guarding (IG) services to meet Michelin's security requirements.

Read the full case study:

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