How do you create efficiency without compromising security?

We are committed to providing security services for companies large and small, and to helping keep your people and property safe with a variety of affordable tools.

Integrated Guarding

True solutions create efficiency while saving both time and money. 

Securitas understands the need to manage costs without compromising security. That’s why we’ve developed Integrated Guarding, a three-dimensional approach to security. This innovative solution combines On-site Guarding with Remote Guarding and Mobile Guarding to provide the most efficient, cost-effective solution for your security needs.

Integrated Guarding

Integrated Guarding combines three Guarding Services to provide comprehensive and efficient solutions.

  1. On-site – Highly trained security officers that specialize in person-to-person interaction,
  2. Remote – Technology that allows live monitoring and immediate action when needed.
  3. Mobile – Scheduled and/or random drive-through monitoring by highly trained security officers

After performing an Operational Analysis, Securitas will develop custom-tailored alternatives to cover your unique security needs.

Why Integrated Guarding?

  • Cost efficiencies without compromising your security program
  • Flexibility with customized security solutions
  • Single provider for all your security services

Opposing Costs

Protecting your assets under tight economic pressures.

Today’s economic environment is driving many companies to strike a delicate balance between managing costs and continuing to maintain high standards for their security program. So it’s not surprising that companies are looking for a possible way to reduce expenses, and security services are often the easy target.

But compromising your company’s security can create vulnerabilities that could end up costing thousands – if not millions – of dollars.

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