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SecuritasConnect is your window to view your site’s security, any time of the day or night

The security industry is constantly evolving. Securitas believes the future of security is built on a combination of people, technology, and knowledge. We are committed to sharing this knowledge with our clients through SecuritasConnect®. This technology empowers clients with the knowledge they need to be secure, providing 24/7 visibility and control over their security programs.SecuritasConnect increases the value of many of our services, including On-site, Mobile, and Remote Guarding.


SecuritasConnect helps enhance security officer performance and your daily operational functions:


Centralize post orders, schedules, time logs, incident reports, tours with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, and more. With paperless reports, SecuritasConnect allows you to quickly retrieve information to help you make effective decisions.


Considerably reduce your administrative tasks by eliminating manual procedures. SecuritasConnect provides real-time online accessibility and alert notifications via text and email.

Accountability and Performance

Consistent monitoring has a direct positive impact on liability reduction and motivation for security officers, translating into an increase in professionalism and efficiency.

Clients can review Officers incident reports, daily activity reports, post orders, officers training completion and much more.

Key Benefits of SecuritasConnect

  • Easily customizable and scalable features.

  • Real-time data collection, analysis, trends
    and metrics.

  • Customized smart-tours with reliable NFC
    token technology.

  • Alert notifications when tours are late and 24/7
    smart monitoring.

  • Officer training details allow for monitoring officers’
    progress through the curriculum.

  • Information is encrypted and secure.

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Improved Security & an Automated Visitor Experience

Securitas developed a customized, fully automated entry approach to help this Homeowner's Association improve security while sticking to the budget.

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