How We Work

Our independent local units are a strong base for the entire organization, one that is flexible and customer-oriented.

Global Capabilities, Local Opportunities

Securitas USA consists of 5 geographic regions: Central Atlantic, Northeast, Pacific, North Central, and South. Each region office guides and supports the local branch offices that, in turn, support our officers in the field.

Field resources at the local level are integral to Securitas USA's effort as the industry leader to add value by being closer to our clients and to our security officers.

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Expertise in Specialty Divisions

Traditionally, contract security services are associated with the picture of a security officer patrolling or controlling access at a fixed point. While these functions are still crucial to security at many locations, Securitas offers a broad range of security solutions, through its affiliates and specialty divisions, to benefit client organizations.

Our affiliated companies and specialty divisions include the following:

Critical Infrastructure Services

Global and National Accounts

Healthcare Security Division

Security Response Services

Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Division

Pinkerton Risk Management Services

We listen carefully to our clients and apply our expertise to offer security solutions that meet specialized training and specific service needs. Security services are customizable and can be combined to meet the requirements of any organization.

Securitas Group

A global knowledge leader in security, Securitas delivers the most effective security solutions by offering customized solutions that include specialized guarding, technology solutions, and consulting & investigations. From local stores to international airports, our 370,000 employees are making a difference.

Securitas operations are organized in a flat, decentralized structure within the business segments: Security Services North America, Security Services Europe and Security Services Ibero-America.

Securitas in Brief:

  • Our 2018 total sales amounted to MSEK 101,467
  • Securitas has been listed on the NASDAQ OMX Stockholm since 1991.
  • Securitas has more than 370,000 employees and operations in 58 markets.
  • To read more about Securitas AB, visit their website.
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Quality security coverage while maintaining costs.

A commercial property company needed to reduce security expenses while maintaining the same level of quality coverage. 

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