Securitas is The New Face of Security

Technology and client needs are evolving.

Our industry will not be able to solve the challenges of the future with the tools of yesterday. 

Security no longer simply involves a lone security officer with a flashlight, nor the passive gaze of a security camera.

Friendly Security Officer

The security of the future is a combination of people, knowledge, and technology. A combination of sensors, analytics and the knowledge of experience people. Security officers must work hand in hand with data scientists and statistics experts. Data is gathered everywhere and used to understand the past, the present and the future - guiding actions anywhere, anytime.

 By bringing all this together, we can help mitigate risks before they become threats, act in real time when needed, and always keep the client engaged in what's going on.


This is the new reality we are facing.

We call it The New Face of Security.


Friendly Security Officer

The New Face of Security is built on Securitas' Six Pillars of Protective Services with people as the crucial cornerstone. Everything we do starts with these six pillars, this is how we evaluate where to invest and what guides us every day.

Everything starts with the human touch because people are and will always be at the center of all security delivery. People with experience and judgement that can interpret data and most importantly, understand the needs of the customer.

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