Securitas Risk Assessment

We have the knowledge and expertise to provide the most cost effective security solution whether it be manpower, technology, or a combination of each. Our goal is to establish Securitas as the Knowledge Leader at the point of sale and become the single provider for all services.

The Securitas Risk Assessment starts with a detailed analysis of the client site or sites to identify unique vulnerabilities. This information is then used to prioritize risks and develop customized, data-driven security solutions.

We gain insight as to where our clients may have concerns and improve upon their security operations and procedures. The Securitas Risk Assessment allows for:

  • A shift in focus from service replacement to service enhancement
  • Recommendations that more effectively assist with reducing risk and liability
  • Increased client satisfaction
  • Full transparency to all aspects of the security operation
  • Demonstrations of our core value of Integrity

Securitas Operational Analysis

See how Securitas Risk Assessments protect our clients:

Our case studies describe real-world applications of the Securitas Risk Assessment and how these unique solutions help our clients achieve their security goals.

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