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Application process

How much time does it take to fill out the online application?
Allow yourself 10-15 minutes to successfully complete the online assessment and employment application. Invest the time to properly highlight your skills. You will have the option to save and resume the application process at your convenience.

Can I apply in person rather than online?
Yes.  You are welcome to apply in person at any of our locations but call the office first to schedule an appointment.  Most locations have a designated station for applicants to complete the online application.  If a resonable accommodation is required, the hiring professional can assist you.  Be sure to bring all necessary documents needed to complete the application such as your work history (including supervisor name/contact), education history, and other relevant information.

Will my application be disregarded if I do not fill in all the information?
No, your application will not be disregarded; however there are some areas that require information in order to continue with the online application process.  If you are unable to complete the application, you may log back in at a later time to fill in the blanks and submit.  We ask that you make every effort to complete the application in its entirety as it is the best tool to fully assess your experience, work history, and skill set.           

I started the application process and when I went back to my computer to continue I can’t find it. Can someone help me? 
Visit and click on the “Manage Profile” link on the top right corner.  Once signed into the system by entering your email, you will see your incomplete applications. You can click the name in order to complete or cancel the application.

What happens after I complete the online application?
Once your application has been submitted and depending on your skills and experience, you may be contacted by a Securitas USA hiring professional to continue through the steps of our selection process.

Generally, the first contact with a Securitas hiring professional will determine your suitability and availability for employment. Details about your application will be discussed. This is also an opportunity for you to ask questions and will assist the hiring professional to make the "right fit" matching your skill set to the job position.

If you do not receive a call from Securitas within thirty (30) days after completing your online application form, it is likely there are no current openings or another security guard was chosen to go forward in the selection process.  You are welcome and encouraged to reapply after sixty (60) days.

How long does it take a Securitas USA representative to respond to my application?
Generally, if an applicant’s overall qualifications match the skills and responsibilities of the position, you’ll be contacted within 2 weeks. Otherwise, your application will remain active for 60 days, during which time hiring professionals will continue to monitor ongoing job openings against current applications.  Although it’s our desire to do so, we may not always have the opportunity to respond to every application for employment, due to the high volume. 

How can I follow up on the status of my application?
Generally, the hiring office will contact you, however if you have not heard anything within two (2) weeks, you may contact the local office for an update. You can find the location telephone number on the local office's page by visiting the Contact Us page to find the office nearest you.

If I am contacted to come for an interview, what should I be prepared for?
Generally, the hiring professional will conduct a prescreening to determine if a face to face interview is recommended.  The interview format can vary by hiring manager, location and position - the interview is normally conducted in person. 

As with any interview, be prepared!  Dress appropriately and be ready with informed questions and bring supporting documents of identification. The interview is a good opportunity for you to better understand the position you’ve applied for and learn first-hand what the position requires.

Should you require an accommodation for your interview, you are encouraged to make your request to the HR hiring professional. 

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