Fire and Safety Services

Working with you to develop a fire service plan to meet the specific needs of your facility.

Certain industries that Securitas protects, such as the Petrochemical, Aerospace/Defense, and Energy industries, are more prone to fire hazards at their facilities. To strengthen our supportive relationship with these industries, we developed a specialized group to expertly fight fires, handle hazardous materials scenarios, and mitigate fire hazards that may threaten business operations.

Through Securitas Critical Infrastructure Services (SCIS), we bring you experience in assessing your facility and possible scenarios to find cost-effective ways to enhance the overall fire service program.

Incident Response:

  • Fire Suppression
    • Structural Firefighting
    • Wildland Firefighting
    • Aircraft Crash Rescue & Firefighting
    • Confined Space Rescue
  • Emergency Response Services
    • Paramedics
    • Emergency Medical Technicians
    • Automated External Defibrillation
    • Emergency Medical Responders
  • Rescue Operations
  • Arson Investigation
  • Hazardous Materials Service Capabilities
  • Education & Training Services
    • American Heart Association Workplace Training
    • EMS Instructor Training
    • Injury Prevention Modules
    • Basic & Advanced First Aid

Fire Prevention:

  • Fire & Emergency Response Assessment
  • State & DoD Fire Inspectors
  • Fire Prevention Plan Development
  • Emergency Response Plan Development


 Fire Fighters

The Securitas Fire & Safety Difference:

Our Fire & Safety team is built of highly qualified individuals who:

  • Possess an FF-1 or FF-11 (or are a recent fire academy graduate)
  • Have an FF endorsed driver's license
  • Meet NFPA 1002 or 1021 qualifications, depending on the position

Our training for this team:

  • Involves 986 hours of fire academy training
  • Exceeds training requirements of most fire departments
  • Continuing education training topics include:
    • DoD & State Fire Marshall Training Certification
    • Live Fire Training
    • Rescue Operations 1 & 2
    • Special Extinguishing Systems

The Securitas Fire & Safety Value:

  • Cost Reduction Strategies
  • National Purchasing Power
  • Community Service Programs
  • Flexibility and Accountability in Contracts
  • Additional Non-Emergency Services

Have a unique security need? We've got you covered.

We provide specialized service to clients on a global, national and regional basis. If you require services for your unique industry needs, we have the expertise to assist.

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From one of the nation’s leading funeral homes to a national financial institution, Securitas Electronic Security's expertise in Fire & Life Safety protects businesses, employees, customers, and guests.

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