Reduce False Alarms & Verify Credible Threats

Alarm Verification provides the ability to immediately investigate on-site alarm activations. Upon notification of a triggered alarm, Remote Guarding officers at the 24/7 Securitas Operation Center remotely log in to your cameras to determine if the situation is an emergency threat or a false alarm, make real-time audio announcements as necessary and escalate to the proper authority as the situation warrants.

With Remote Alarm Verification, a live video feed instantly puts an officer on the scene. While authorities are on their way, Remote Guarding officers can provide critical real-time updates as the situation unfolds.

Securitas supplements intrusion alarm monitoring with Remote Guarding to verify the cause of the activity. False alarms are reported to your emergency contact. Securitas Mobile officers and/ or police are dispatched when intrusions are verified, reducing emergency services’ response time.

Advantages of Remote Alarm Verification:

  • Rapid response to alarm activations
  • Reduces costly false alarm fees imposed by local jurisdictions
  • Reduces response time of emergency services for verified alarms
  • Mitigates safety concerns as you no longer have to expose individuals to potential hazards without visibility
  • Scalable solutions can be cost-effectively delivered across multiple locations
  • Part of a comprehensive Protective Services portfolio

How Remote Alarm Verification Works:

  • Expert consultative design optimizes service delivery
  • Alarm system and video surveillance systems connect to the 24/7 Securitas Operation Center
  • Highly trained security professionals provide remote visibility to alarm activations at your facility to determine the cause
  • Response can include client-tailored audio for real-time intervention
  • Event is documented and auditable should a verified intrusion occur
  • Open platforms allow existing equipment to be utilized - often in combination with cutting-edge technology
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