Detecting ATM Card Skimming and PIN Capturing Devices

Securitas Mobile Guarding utilizes expertly trained patrol officers and partnerships with top ATM manufacturers to help mitigate theft caused by ATM Card Skimming, Shimming, and PIN Capturing devices.

ATM Patrol Inspection Service

Securitas Mobile uses a thorough and systematic inspection process to check each ATM for signs of alteration to include any skimming, shimming, and/or PIN capturing devices. With continuous research on trends and devices, officer training, and information sharing, Securitas Mobile will ensure our attention to detail is second to none.

Real-Time Reporting of Incidents

Securitas Mobile Guarding provides web-based reporting in real time. This enables Securitas Patrol officers to quickly and accurately record location, date, time, pictures and inspection results which can then be instantly accessed via a secure online portal.

Partnering with ATM Manufacturers

Securitas partners with some of the largest ATM manufacturers in the country. This provides in-depth knowledge about the specific machines to Mobile Patrol officers who leverage this knowledge during inspections.

Countering a Growing Problem

Since 2008, the use of skimming devices has grown approximately 10% annually. It is the most common type of physical fraud and costs over $8 billion in losses per year.

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