A modern way to patrol your premises

Remote Patrol provides a proactive security presence with additional oversight of your facility’s sensitive areas to assist with safety and security requirements.

Video-based patrols provide additional support to local security teams through increased surveillance of your facility’s critical areas. Patrols can be tailored to specific needs through inspection and recording of key details, making announcements as necessary, and escalating to the proper authority when appropriate.

Our Remote Guarding officers can conduct patrols once or multiple times per night. By logging into the camera network, they are able to conduct a full exterior or interior patrol.

Advantages of Remote Patrol:

  • Proactive inspection of your property in key areas provides increased oversight, safety, and compliance with company policies and procedures
  • Increased efficiency and productivity of your security program by performing peripheral tasks and allowing your on-site security officers to focus on critical duties requiring a local presence
  • Scalable solutions can be routinely delivered across multiple locations or in response to elevated risk scenarios
  • Part of a comprehensive Protective Services portfolio

How Remote Patrol Works

  • Expert consultative design optimizes service delivery
  • Video surveillance system connects to the 24/7 Securitas Operation Center
  • Based on a pre-determined schedule programmed into the Remote Guarding Platform, highly trained security professionals remotely connect to live video to perform an in-depth patrol of your facility
  • Specific details can be recorded as needed
  • Response can include client-tailored audio for real-time intervention
  • Events are documented and auditable should the need arise
  • Open platforms allow existing equipment to be utilized - often in combination with cutting-edge technology

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