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Security Insights

Stay informed on security trends. Securitas shares some insights on various topics of interest to the security community.

Securitas CIO Jeremy Brecher shared 5 Keys to Effective Change Management in the January 1, 2023 issue of Security Management.

The article is based on lessons learned from the company’s recent business and digital transformation

Healthcare Security

Healthcare organizations face unique and ongoing challenges with addressing escalation of violence, both in times of crisis and in times of relative calm. There are many factors that influence healthcare security training and ways that it can be approached, but a few essential optimizations can deliver significant results. Find out how hospitals can improve training:

Optimizing Hospital Security Training Amid Two Crises

Community Security: When Safety Hits Home

With Homeowners Associations and Gated Communities, safety and security threats literally hit home. Securitas subject matter experts offer their best tips along with a rare peek into SecuritasVision's aggregated analytical insights, based on thousands of real client incidents.

Tips for a Safe & Secure Community

Crisis Planning and Response: Preparing for the Unexpected

By Securitas VP of Sales Robert Russell, from Campus Law Enforcement Journal: How prepared is your organization for a crisis, whether caused by people or by nature? Carefully developed and implemented crisis management plans are vital for lessening the potential impact of an unforeseen event.

Learn more about Crisis Planning and Response