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Meet our Security Officers of the Year

Securitas North America annually recognizes one security officer for heroism and one for outstanding performance. The Security Officer of the Year recipients are chosen based on nominations from their colleagues and managers.

Theodore “Theo” Vaughn – Security Officer of the Year for Heroism

The Heroism award is presented to a security officer who performs an act that demonstrates courage, daring, professionalism and self-sacrifice while helping to protect people or property. This year’s recipient, Security Officer Theodore “Theo” Vaughn, is from the Pacific Region and works at two shopping centers owned by the same property management company. While on patrol, Officer Vaughn noticed a vehicle on fire with a person passed out inside. Realizing there was no time to waste he rushed to the vehicle and pulled the person to safety.

Nicholas “Nikko” Lachance – Security Officer of the Year for Performance

The award for Security Officer of the Year for Performance recognizes a security officer who consistently provides excellent service and demonstrates outstanding performance. This year’s recipient is Nicholas “Nikko” Lachance who works at a private school in the Northeast Region. In addition to being recognized consistently for helping to provide a safe and secure environment for our client, he was also recognized for helping a child and returning him back to his family.

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