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Bill Oliverio - A different perspective

Bill Oliverio, a dedicated Securitas security officer at a prestigious university, became the heart and soul of Class Day 2024, inspiring students with his heartfelt speech and unwavering support.

A different perspective

Graduating class finds inspiration close in a Securitas security officer

Bill Oliverio is more than a security officer. For 13 years he has watched students come and go through the residence halls. His job is to help keep them safe, but when the graduating class of 2024 invited him to speak at Class Day, they showed that to them, he is much more than a spectator to their lives. He is an individual deserving of a front seat on the eve of one of their biggest milestones yet.

The invitation elevated Bill to the same level as the other celebrities and influencers who typically graced the student-led event traditionally held the day before commencement. This year’s class was different. Amid political and social tension and the seemingly forgotten value of philosophical dissonance, students looked to Bill for inspiration. And why not? He’s always been there, watching from the sidelines. He’d seen them at their best and at times were less than their best. He’d seen them unguarded—hopeful, fearful, anxious—experiencing all the emotions that come with becoming your own person and making your way in the world. To many Bill was also a friend, reliable, and trusted. He didn’t hesitate to use his personal time to cheer for them at sporting events or listen when they spoke.

Now it was Bill they wanted to listen to on the day they claimed for themselves apart from the pomp of events organized by school administrators, but no less celebratory. As they prepared to take the next step in their journeys, the Class of 2024 looked to Bill for a different perspective, one informed by experience and true affection. He did not disappoint. He spoke from his heart, by turns humorous and poignant, but always sincere and honest.

Securitas Area Vice President Chris Connolly was present at the event and witnessed firsthand how Bill’s speech resonated with the assembled students, their friends, family, and faculty. “It was a privilege to be invited to share in this moment,” he said.  “I always knew the students held him in high regard and that the feeling was mutual, but seeing the depth of that connection is humbling. I’m proud of Bill for stepping up and not letting the students down. It’s obvious he cares about them like they’re his own.”

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