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Business Approach

Focused on meeting the evolving needs of clients, we elevate security through customized guarding services and cutting-edge technology.

Our Business Approach

Our 500+ local District Managers actively manage the sites we help protect, act as a single point of contact for clients, and meet with clients regularly to evaluate service levels and refine our ongoing service plans. And while each manager is focused on their local operation, they have access to the resources of a global security industry leader.

Securitas Risk Assessment

Customized Securitas Risk Assessments identify the unique needs of each client facility. Managers then propose the best security services to ensure a comprehensive, cost-effective security program. 

Our Digital Transformation

Our digital strategy brings together data and insights from multiple areas of our business to help clients mitigate security threats and better protect their people and assets.

At the same time, the digitalization of our workforce management systems optimizes processes for hiring, training, equipping, and retaining people who can deliver on our mission. This, in turn, enables us to deliver a seamless, dynamic client experience.

With increased digitalization as our foundation, we create the opportunity to transform our business from more manual, cumbersome tasks to provide newer and more innovative services.

Maintaining Communication

Security concerns can arise at any hour - day or night. That’s why Securitas maintains a 24/7 National Communications Center (NCC), a state-of-the-art customer care and response center. At the end of each business day, our telephone systems from across the country automatically forward office calls to the NCC to ensure that our clients and officers are provided with any needed assistance.

The NCC also provides post confirmation for security officers, a value-added service that confirms security officers are at their posts, safe, and working diligently to protect client facilities. If an officer does not confirm his or her location, the NCC is instantly notified and ready to react.


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