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Business Approach

Delivering protective services through people, technology and knowledge.

Our Business Approach

Our 500+ local Securitas district managers provide a full spectrum of security services, officers and technology while maintaining a single point of contact for our clients. This enables Securitas to deliver top-tier security services without sacrificing personal relationships.

Each manager, focused on their local business operation, has resources on a global scale and as a global industry leader, Securitas has firsthand experience with worldwide security trends. We have a strong corporate culture that creates the shared values of responsibility, ownership and entrepreneurship.

Securitas Risk Assessment

Customized Securitas Risk Assessments assist our managers in identifying the needs of your unique facility. They then propose the best security services to offer you a cost-effective and comprehensive security program.

Investing in New Technology

Security solutions and technology, such as Remote Guarding, are becoming an increasingly important component of the security industry. To better serve our clients, we are making significant investments in this area. We aim to consistently offer new, modern and reliable technology-based security solutions.

Maintaining Communication

Security concerns can arise at any hour - day or night. That’s why Securitas maintains a 24/7 National Communications Center (NCC). When our local offices close, the NCC takes over, helping to ensure that our clients and officers obtain any needed assistance.


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