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Revolutionizing Manufacturing Security: A Tailored Approach

Crafting tailored security solutions for specific industries is paramount in today's dynamic landscape. A one-size-fits-all approach falls short when addressing the intricate security needs of vertical markets, such as manufacturing.

Tailored Solutions for Manufacturing Excellence

Crafting tailored security solutions for specific industries is paramount in today's dynamic landscape. A one-size-fits-all approach falls short when addressing the intricate security needs of vertical markets, such as manufacturing. Within this domain, a myriad of variables, including industry nuances, geographical factors, and legislative mandates, dictate the blueprint of an effective security strategy. Moreover, the safeguarding of trade secrets and proprietary production processes necessitates bespoke security protocols tailored to the unique demands of each manufacturing environment. Embracing this nuanced approach ensures not only compliance but also resilience against emerging threats, safeguarding both assets and reputation.

How Securitas Delivered a Six-Figure Cost Reduction for a Northeastern Manufacturer

In 2022, a prominent equipment manufacturer in the northeastern region approached Securitas seeking a thorough reassessment of their security program. Following extensive consultations with the client and meticulous site evaluations to gauge current security resource allocation, the seasoned Securitas Solutions team proposed targeted technological upgrades aimed at optimizing security service delivery while concurrently streamlining costs. The security solution included advanced features of physical security and electronic security that included remote patrols, perimeter fortification, intrusion alarm verification, and fire alarm monitoring, complementing the existing on-site security personnel. With these enhancements in place, the client achieved a remarkable 50% reduction in on-site hours per week, translating into a substantial six-digit decrease in security expenditure. Furthermore, the implementation of innovative surveillance technology provided unprecedented visibility in previously overlooked areas. Enhanced perimeter protection and remote patrols, facilitated by installed cameras and state-of-the-art video call boxes, empower security officers to promptly respond to any suspicious activity detected after hours. Moreover, the introduction of an electronic access control system and an upgraded intrusion alarm system fortified the client's ability to monitor and manage security events within their facility effectively.

Augmenting Physical Security with Technology

A wholistic security program that incorporates physical security and security technology helps to optimize resource use and can create efficiencies which can have a positive bottom-line impact. This is achieved by matching the need to the appropriate security measure. Each protective service has its own strengths and benefits. Physical security is enhanced when on-site guards are complemented with the addition of technology and other types of guarding like remote security or mobile security officers.

Practical Solutions

After identifying a client’s security program goals, a solution is developed based on several factors. Some of the variables that might go into identifying the balance of technology and guarding might be:

  • Overall site activity levels—is there an ebb and flow of employees and visitors? Does the facility have 24-hour operations that require access management for employees and deliveries?
  • Are there employees or visitors that require more additional contact or increased handling?
  • Is there a need for frequent routine patrols or can scheduled mobile patrols or remote monitoring provide the same or enhanced service?
  • What types of cameras or access control technologies are already installed?
  • Are there high-risk, remote, or under-monitored areas that could better be served by cameras supported by software that uses algorithms to detect anomalies?
  • Does the site have any special risks or safety considerations?

Real Benefits

The benefits of deploying a complete guarding solution will depend on the desired outcomes and the objective of the security program. They can include financial impacts such as reducing security spending over time as the result of using fewer person hours or using a “shared” resource such as a Mobile or Remote Guard. Operational benefits are driven by the more efficient use of existing security resources and the repurposing or shared use of technology or controls already in place for other purposes. Finally, a company realizes improvement in its risk position because cameras combined with remote monitoring allow enable security coverage for areas that are difficult or even hazardous to patrol. They also enable continuous coverage while offering an audit trail.

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