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Risk Intelligence Advisory Service: Organization specific intelligence-led security

Navigate the ever-changing global security landscape with Risk Intelligence Center’s (RIC) Advisory service. This industry-leading offering provides actionable protective and threat intelligence on your specific requirements, including threats to your organization, operations, and brand. Explore the proactive approach that guides you towards an intelligence-led security strategy.

Keeping your organisation, operations, and brand secure today requires a risk strategy based on actionable intelligence. The Risk Intelligence Center (RIC) offers this across four different levels, with the goal of safeguarding your business while optimizing your return on investment in security. The RIC’s Advisory service combines protective and threat intelligence, leveraging Securitas’ all source intelligence strategy – including expert human intelligence and cutting-edge technology for open-source intelligence (OSINT). In this article, we will delve deeper into the Advisory service, providing an overview of the features and services included and demonstrating how they can guide you towards an intelligence-led security approach.

What's included
The Advisory service, one of four tiers, brings together industry-leading expertise, incorporating cutting-edge technology and a global network of sources. Tailored specifically for your organisation, this service delivers organization-specific intelligence and heightened situational awareness tailored to your industry, sector, and geography. By capitalising on the RIC’s global network of sources and agencies, along with Securitas’ global operations, the Advisory service provides comprehensive global intelligence with localised insights.

At the core of this service are Daily Monitoring Update reports. At the Advisory level, these reports are specifically tailored to meet each client's unique needs, while the Awareness level offers more general updates. These intelligence reports serve as a daily intelligence feed, providing detailed and specific protective intelligence about your organization, including people, property, and assets, as well as information about threat intelligence events and threat actors that are specific to your organization. This enables you to prioritize what matters most.

When intelligence is identified that requires immediate action, the RIC issues a Flash Intelligence Report (INTREP), in addition the Daily Monitoring Update. This approach supports prioritised decision-making in a timely fashion, and supports crisis and incident management.

Recognizing the importance of flexibility in intelligent risk management, the Advisory service includes access to the RIC’s Request for Intelligence service (RFI), where clients who utilise this service can request further details on a certain topic or a specific report. The RFI service thus provides you with specific intelligence support to your requirements, including the delivery of targeted intelligence products such as event security threat assessments and travel security reports, investigations, consultancy services, and support for crisis management. The Advisory service provides 16 hours per month of RFI service, with the flexibility to purchase additional hours based on your requirements. 

The Advisory service, thus, provides a dynamic and responsive approach to address your unique requirements. 

By combining the RIC Advisory service with the Alerting service you can leverage an additional layer of protection by issuing targeted incident alerts based on your specified location and custom profile, considering factors like distance and severity level. With 12,000~ global alerts issued monthly, covering a range from crime to natural disasters, protests, and terrorism, this proactive approach ensures that you actively safeguard your assets.

In short, the RIC Advisory service includes:

Daily Monitoring INTREPs

  • Flash INTREPs
  • Requests for intelligence (RFI) – 16 hours per month included
  • Example RFIs include:
  • Weekly Monitoring Summaries
  • Monthly Monitoring Summaries
  • Location Threat Assessments
  • Event Security Threat Assessments
  • Travel Security Reports
  • Investigations

Explore other plans 
The RIC Advisory service service is one of four tiers offered by the RIC. Whether your organisation seeks heightened situational awareness, targeted alerts or dedicated analyst support, the RIC provides tailored solutions to align with your requirements. The ultimate goal is to provide you with the decision-making advantage and confidence required to manage risks, seize opportunities, and contribute to creating a safer world.

To learn more about the other service levels available, read more here.

If you are interested in the RIC’s intelligence services or would like to discuss your specific requirements, we encourage you to reach out. You can speak to your Securitas point of contact or contact the RIC directly via