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Contract security. Budget pressures. Security training resources. These are just a few of the concerns for security and facilities professionals when it comes to sourcing and staffing security. The Securitas USA Knowledge Center is your destination for safety tips, industry trends, whitepapers, and Securitas USA news.

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Team Response to Violence in Healthcare

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ASIS' Featured Resources

  • Security Management is an award-winning publication of ASIS International and is written primarily for security professionals.  Each month, this publication includes detailed case study feature articles and timely information on emerging threats as well as practical solutions to protect people, property and information. 

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  • Security Spotlight: A Free ASIS-curated informational guide for security management professionals. Past Spotlights included such topic as: Civil Disturbances, Human Trafficking, Active Shooter, Security, Awareness, Travel Security and Safety, Active Shooter, and Antiterrorism.

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Substance Abuse

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has posted important information and procedures that every citizen should be aware of for reporting suspicious activity. You can find this information at:



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