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Contract security. Budget pressures. Security training. These are just a few of the concerns for security and facilities professionals when it comes to sourcing and staffing security. The Securitas Knowledge Center is your destination for safety tips, whitepapers, Securitas USA news, and more.

Security Awareness Tips

Two business men talkingThese tips cover topics ranging from Terrorism Threat Awareness to everyday tips on staying safe and healthy. See what our subject matter experts advise:

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The New Face of Security

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Our unique combination of people, knowledge and technology prepares us for the security needs of both today and tomorrow.

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Case Studies

Access control truck entering through gateUnique solutions for clients in 20+ industries, located in various areas, and of all sizes.

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Pinkerton's Featured Resources

Our affiliate Pinkerton is a global provider of corporate risk management services including security consulting and investigations, executive protection, employment screening, and protective intelligence. Pinkerton offers serveral free services for organizations to quickly and easily gain information on current organizational risks.

Screenshot of Daily Insights Email from Pinkerton

Daily Insights Brief:

Pinkerton is currently offering its daily risk assessment report, the Pinkerton Insights Intelligence Brief, as a free service for business leaders interested in staying well informed of potential security threats.

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Weekly Insights Podcast:

The Pinkerton Insights Podcast features current events that impact international security and business. Through news reports, from-the-field analyst comments and interviews, this podcast keeps you up to date on issues affecting your business and employees.

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Preview of Interactive Risk Map - North & South America

Pinkerton World Risk Index Report:

The Pinkerton Risk Index dashboard illustrates the findings of the Risk Index Report through an interactive global map to help business leaders identify where, how and to what degree risk exists around the world.

Click here to see the full interactive map on Pinkerton's website.

ASIS' Featured Resources

Security Management:

An award-winning publication of ASIS International and is written primarily for security professionals.  Each month, this publication includes detailed case study feature articles and timely information on emerging threats as well as practical solutions to protect people, property and information.  Click here to visit the ASIS Security Management publication website.

Security Spotlight:

A free ASIS-curated informational guide for security management professionals. Past Spotlights included such topic as: Civil Disturbances, Human Trafficking, Active Shooter, Security, Awareness, Travel Security and Safety, Active Shooter, and Antiterrorism. Click here to visit the Security Spotlight page of the ASIS website.

Global Resources from Securitas Group:

Building the next generation of security

We are continuously working on improving our security solutions based on needs not only on the local and national levels, but also globally.

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