Security Glosasry: M

Mobile Guarding:

Mobile Guarding is a service involving fully trained security officers driving clearly marked Securitas vehicles. This enables security officers to serve a wider range of functions and cover larger distances than traditional foot patrols. Mobile officers can conduct proactive patrols in a routine or randomized schedule or respond as needed to emergencies and alarms.

Mobile Guarding Alarm Response:

Mobile Guarding Alarm Response is a service that dispatches a Mobile Guarding officer to the location when an alarm sounds. The officer can then confirm the validity of the alarm, helping to prevent fines that are often imposed by local law enforcement as a penalty for false alarms. If an emergency is occurring, Mobile Guarding officers utilize their training on what to do in an emergency and, when necessary, can also escalate the situation to local law enforcement or emergency services.

Mobile Patrol:

A Mobile Patrol is when a Mobile Guarding officer, driving a clearly marked Securitas vehicle, checks in on a location at either routine or randomized times.