Securitas USA launches web-based tool designed to empower security professionals

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Securitas Security Services USA, Inc. announces the launch of “SecuritasConnect,” a web-based system providing clients with all the data they need to stay on top of what’s happening down the hall or around the world.

“SecuritasConnect is a tool that enables clients to better manage security operations, promotes efficiencies, and supports sound decision-making,” says Jack Zahran, of Securitas North America.

Accessible through any Internet connection, SecuritasConnect provides a gateway to real-time information that helps clients monitor and protect their interests day and night.

Key features of SecuritasConnect include:

  • Dynamic reporting:
    • Data collection, analysis, trends, and metrics capabilities allow for continuous performance improvement. Clients can mitigate risk through incident analysis, analyze data to identify trends, patterns, and potential vulnerabilities, and monitor ongoing performance against defined KPIs.
  • Access control:
    • Enables effective management of site visitor, vehicle, and delivery traffic at commercial facilities. Clients can define the processes and protocols for all traffic flow, including staging appointments, receiving freight, and tracking packages. The program makes paper logbooks obsolete, allowing for seamless management of people and deliveries, even for multiple tenants in the same building.
  • Remote monitoring:
    • World-class remote monitoring systems improve site protection, providing immediate incident alerts and enabling rapid response.
  • Real-time situation awareness and intelligence:
    • Clients have access to a cloud-based, 24/7, 360-degree intelligence service that gathers data and evaluates threats relevant to clients’ specific interests. Visual dashboards can be disseminated securely to C-level executives, department managers, partners, and service providers.
  • Site security management:
    • Clients can run helpful reports such as exception status, incident status, and daily activities. Electronic searchable records support outreach, analysis and optimization.
  • Procedures:
    • Clients can view post orders and tours, review activity and incident reports, and get alerts in real time, enabling them to seamlessly manage procedures for any location.
  • Officer training details:
    • Site managers can access information about the officer training courses provided through Securitas Online Academy including course descriptions, credit hours, and delivery methods. The system also provides details about officers’ progress through the curriculum, including training program status, courses in progress, and courses completed.
  • Schedule visibility:
    • Officers’ schedules are accessible through SecuritasConnect so that site managers can see who is currently at their facility or is scheduled to be on site.