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Staying Safe in the Heat

Hand holding up a water bottle at sunsetFor those who work or spend a lot of time outdoors, hot weather can pose a threat to personal safety. Heat alone can be threatening, and the addition of what weather forecasters refer to as the “heat index” can make matters worse. The heat index includes all the elements that contribute to heat stress—high temperatures, humidity and direct sun exposure.

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Travel Smart, Travel Safe

Globe and old fashion suitcaseTravel can be an enriching and rewarding experience, and a little preparation can mean the difference between a positive and negative travel experience. In addition to clothing and other necessities, be sure to include Securitas’s core value of Vigilance on your packing list to help ensure a safer, more secure travel experience.

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Security in Uncertain Times

Personal security awareness is essential in uncertain times. Awareness is a choice. One must choose to pay attention. Routine tasks often become just that: routine. Maintaining operative situational awareness requires real effort. Take time to focus on your responsibilities and your surroundings, even those that are most familiar.

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Featured Anti-Terrorism Topic:

Terrorism Threat Awareness

Substance Abuse


Terrorism can be defined in a number of ways. In the most direct terms, terrorism is a deliberate, criminal use of violence against people or property for political, social or religious ends.

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