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Active shooters, workplace safety, medical emergencies, weather-related disasters and more. Find out how you and your business can stay safe.

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Effective Investigations

A common aspect of security operations is the occurrence of an incident that requires further investigation. The nature of the inquiry is dependent upon the type of incident. Learn more about effective investigations:

Learn more about establishing effective investigations

Weather Safety During a Pandemic

Severe weather can occur at any time of year. Summer and winter storms can generate a variety of weather phenomena— strong winds, wildfires, flooding, tornados, hail, ice and other hazardous conditions.

Learn more about weather safety during a pandemic

Travel Health & Safety in 2020

As travel restrictions ease and people begin to move about more freely, it is important to be aware of guidelines that help reduce the spread of sickness. Viruses, such as the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19, can be easily transmitted from one person to another.


Learn more about safe travel during a pandemic

The Role of Vigilance in Safety

Situational awareness requires knowing and understanding what is happening around you, predicting how it will change with time, and being in tune with the dynamics of your environment. It is part of our daily activities—when crossing the street, driving a car, or preparing a meal.

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Security Resolutions for the New Year

Technology permeates our professional and social lives. It is important to protect our digital activities from would-be thieves, hackers and others who lurk in the online shadows. Consider following these suggestions as part of a New Years’ resolution in digital security.

Learn more about resolving to improve digital security

Emergency Response Plan

Taking specific actions in the case of an emergency in the workplace allows all employees to help maintain a safe environment and improve the safety of everyone around them.

Learn more about emergency response planning

Featured Anti-Terrorism Topic:

Terrorism Threat Awareness

Substance Abuse


Terrorism can be defined in a number of ways. In the most direct terms, terrorism is a deliberate, criminal use of violence against people or property for political, social or religious ends.

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