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Active shooters, workplace safety, medical emergencies, weather-related disasters and more. Find out how you and your business can stay safe.

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Security in Uncertain Times

Personal security awareness is essential in uncertain times. Awareness is a choice. One must choose to pay attention. Routine tasks often become just that: routine. Maintaining operative situational awareness requires real effort. Take time to focus on your responsibilities and your surroundings, even those that are most familiar.

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Detecting Suspicious Packages

Man in business casual carrying a package in an an urban office building with large windows in the background

Suspicious packages could be delivered anywhere, so it is good to keep the Securitas core values of Integrity, Vigilance and Helpfulness in mind.

Find out how you can help detect suspicious packages

Conflict Management: Using Verbal Persuasion

Judo is the Japanese phrase for “the gentle way.” Verbal Judo can help resolve a conflict while attempting to avoid physical contact. This means not meeting “force with force,” but responding to force with calm authority.

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Featured Anti-Terrorism Topic:

Terrorism Threat Awareness

Substance Abuse


Terrorism can be defined in a number of ways. In the most direct terms, terrorism is a deliberate, criminal use of violence against people or property for political, social or religious ends.

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