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Securitas Announces the Security Officers of the Year Awards

02 June 2021 17:23

PARSIPPANY, N.J. — Securitas North America annually recognizes two security officers—one for heroism and one for outstanding performance. The recipients are chosen from among nominations received from their colleagues and managers. In addition to monetary consideration as well as other recognition, the two officers are featured in Excellence in Service, a magazine published for Securitas security officers, in acknowledgement of being selected as Officers of the Year.

Security Officer Margarita Bennett is this year’s recipient of the Security Officer of the Year for Heroism which is presented to a security officer who goes above and beyond to protect people or property. Officer Bennett is a first responder at an engine manufacturing site in Michigan. Her keen instincts when a forklift caught fire earned the attention of colleagues, management and the client. While responding to the emergency call, the propane tank underneath the forklift exploded, literally knocking Bennett off her feet and into some engine parts. Without hesitation, she quickly regained her composure and used a fire hose to extinguish the fire. Despite receiving minor injuries as a result of the blast, Bennett insisted on returning to work after being examined and released from the hospital the same day because she did not want her colleagues to have to work overtime. Familiar with her selfless, go-the-extra-mile habits, neither her colleagues nor her management team were surprised by her quick return to work.

In addition to recognizing heroism, Securitas also acknowledges an individual who distinguishes themselves through outstanding performance of their daily duties, going above and beyond what is asked or expected. The honor of Security Officer of the Year for Performance was conferred on Montrell Travis for delivering consistently excellent client service and outstanding performance. In the two-and-a-half years he’s been with Securitas, Travis has already been promoted several times and is now a site supervisor at a Department of Homeland Security-monitored chemical site in South Carolina. His impeccable attention to detail, work ethic, professionalism and managerial ability have earned him high praise from management and the client.

“Officer Travis demonstrates exemplary leadership abilities and management skills. He works closely with the client, , always adapting to special requests and unexpected situations while helping to ensure the plant maintains the highest security in accordance with DHS, OSHA, and EPA guidelines,” said Securitas District Manager Ricky Davis.

Like so many of their fellow officers at posts across the country, officers Bennett and Travis exemplify the client focus and commitment to Securitas’ core values of Integrity, Vigilance and Helpfulness that make them role models and earn them the respect of those who work with them. They have been celebrated by their local client and Securitas management teams, and Securitas USA senior leadership have provided their personal congratulations and appreciation along with the officers’ awards.

“Officers Bennett and Travis are superb examples of who we are as a company and the level of service our clients can expect,” said Securitas North America Guarding CEO and President Greg Anderson. “We appreciate their outstanding contributions, their professionalism and their willingness to give 110% for our clients. These exceptional officers represent some of the best of the more than 100,000 Securitas officers in North America, and I’m proud to recognize them and their actions.”

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