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Securitas reaches Prime level with AAA net impact rating

16 June 2021 17:39

Securitas, the world’s leading intelligent protective services partner, is awarded a net impact rating of AAA (Prime level) by the Upright Project. The Upright net impact model uses artificial intelligence to go through a database of millions of scientific articles and public statistical databases measuring the net impact of companies on the world.

The Upright net impact model relies on AI-driven data and integration algorithms that consolidate information from millions of accumulated scientific and public sources. It provides a net impact by considering comprehensive costs and benefits within comparable industries. In addition, the model captures the entire value chain of a company, not just what happens inside the company.

"We are excited and pleased with these results. Unlike models that do not consider factors that lie outside a traditional box, Upright looks at much of the same categories other ESG ratings do, but they go a step further and calculate an objective net impact based on millions of scientific papers and background data. Then they use AI to pull it all together to provide a more comprehensive evaluation," says Cecilia Alenius, Group Sustainability Officer at Securitas.

Upright's net impact rating summarizes a company's usage of resources and benefits created into an overall net impact, i.e. the net sum of the positive and negative impacts a company has on the surrounding world. Securitas received a rating of 81%, indicating the company's positive impacts overperform it’s negatives with 81%. The rating is higher than 96.9% of all measured companies and is largely driven by Securitas’ contributions to society, including providing a significant number of jobs and keeping societies safe, which adds to societal infrastructure.

"This report reflects our position as leaders within the industry. It demonstrates that we have an important role in society and we matter to people’s lives as we provide stability, jobs, and sustainable protective solutions across the world. We see this as a strong incentive to continue to work with our sustainability values and goals, a journey where we continuously work on improving our positive impact," says Cecilia Alenius.

Securitas has 355,000 employees serving 150 global clients and more than 150,000 clients in total across 48 markets. The company aims to double its sales of electronic security and security solutions by 2023. 

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