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Remote Escort

On-Demand Supervision and Protection

Remote Escort provides visibility of individuals at your facility to oversee their safety and adherence to operational procedures.

Do you have concerns about your employees’ safety? Are they arriving earlier or staying later due to increased responsibilities or seasonal workloads? Have there been recent problems in the area? Do highly sensitive areas require adherence to critical operational procedures? Securitas Remote Escort utilizes live video surveillance with two-way communication to provide a safe environment as individuals move throughout your facility.

Upon request of individuals on-site, Remote Guarding officers at the 24/7 Securitas Operation Center remotely log into your cameras, scanning the area for potential threats. Officers then observe individuals as they move about the premises, communicate concerns or instructions, and escalate to the proper authority when appropriate.

If your situation calls for an on-site presence, our Mobile Guarding Security Escort service offers another alternative to help keep your employees safe.

Advantages of Remote Escort

  • On-demand response to requests from employees, visitors, and contractors at your facility
  • Helps to maintain a safe and secure environment
  • Assists with compliance to company policies and procedures, particularly in highly sensitive areas of your facility
  • Enhances the productivity of your security program
  • Scalable solution can be routinely delivered across multiple locations or in response to elevated risk scenarios
  • Part of a comprehensive Protective Services portfolio

How Remote Escort Works

How Remote Escort Works

  • Promotes employee, visitor and contractor safety and compliance with company procedures
  • Creates a culture of safety at your site
  • Highly trained security professionals remotely provide on-demand visibility and oversight of individuals at your facility
  • Two-way audio allows for real-time interaction and communication of key information and details