Do you know a Securitas Everyday Hero?

Our officers across the country work hard every day. We would like to feature a Securitas Everyday Hero (or group of Everyday Heroes) on LinkedIn and our website. We'll need your help though - read more to see how you can nominate someone.

What is this? How does it work?

We want to hear, share, and celebrate stories of our officers displaying our core values or going above & beyond in their duties. Do you know an officer who displays Integrity by consistently doing the right thing? An offier who demonstrated Vigilance by catching a fire hazard, stopping a fire before it could start? Did a group of officers show Helpfulness by volunteering in the community? Did a group of officers display great teamwork in coming together to aid someone who was injured? These are just a few examples of the types of exceptional actions that Securitas officers take every day.

If you observe an officer displaying our core values or going above and beyond in his/her duties, you can nominate the officer by filling out the form below or emailing

Frequently Asked Questions:

What makes someone a Securitas Everyday Hero?

Any of our employees who go above and beyond in their duties is an Everyday Hero. From officers who provide consistenly great customer service in a reception positions to officers who risk their lives to help someone, Everday Heroes come in all shapes and sizes.

How will Everyday Heroes be chosen?

All Everyday Hero stories will be considered for recognition. The most exceptional stories will be posted on LinkedIn.

What should I expect if someone nominates me and my story is chosen?

You'll receive an email congratulating you and notifying you that your story will be on LinkedIn and/or in a Securitas News email. You can respond to this email to offer additional details or a quote from you that we can include in the story. Please also let us know by responding to the email as soon as possible if you'd prefer to have your story told anonymously (without including your name).

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