The Results of Securitas' Biennial Survey of Fortune 1000 Security Management

This report has become an industry standard and is often used by corporate security management in a wide range of industry sectors for security-related data when making decisions relative to security planning.

Key Takeaways from the 2019 Report

Top Security Threats & Management Issues:

Of the 27 threat categories, 21 can be caused or committed by insiders:

For a company’s executive management, this means the need for systematic risk analysis is a strategic imperative. As is the need for senior leadership involvement in the development, enforcement and on-going refinement of security policies and practices.

The issue of “Security Staffing Effectiveness: Adequate Staffing Levels” rose from 9th to 2nd place based on survey responses:

Similarly, “Security Officer Turnover/Retention” moved from 11th to 4th. Both challenges, driven by the nation-wide record low unemployment rate, suggest that security leaders and service providers such as Securitas must offer prospective employees appealing benefits and career opportunities to attract and retain them.

Another issue, “Budget/Maximizing ROI,” moved from 8th to 4th, according to respondents:

This suggests that security executives are under pressure to find innovative, comprehensive solutions that justify actual security program costs while maximizing safety and security of employees and assets.

There was a 40% increase – from 11% to 15% – in the number of corporate security leaders reporting directly to a CEO or president:

Securitas believes this reflects the growing concern among executive leadership and boards about the potential effects and implications of security within an organization and in the eyes of key stakeholders.

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