Merging Security and Sensitivity

Healthcare Security | FrontLine Service

Challenge:  Maintaining a safe and respectful environment for a crisis intervention facility.

Securitas USA helps to secure FrontLine Service facilities, including their administrative and social service offices, a crisis intervention facility and several transitional housing facilities in the greater Cleveland area. As FrontLine treats clients who are dealing with trauma, psychotic episodes and suicide threats, officers need to be respectful and sensitive to a wide range of behaviors and needs.

Solution: The Right Officer for the Job

  • Careful hiring is essential, officers can neither be aggressive or intimidating nor can they be intimidated by working with psychiatric populations.
  • Thorough training includes sessions on defensive tactics and crisis intervention. Officers actively seek ways to defuse and deescalate any problems or conflicts.
  • The uniform makes the officer. On-site officers at FrontLine Service set an approachable tone by replacing traditional uniforms with khakis and polo shirts.

Result: Professional Yet Compassionate Security Officers

A fully staffed team of officers who interact with clients compassionately and respectfully. Securitas has been very responsive in finding officers who are a good fit,” says. LaTonya Murray, FrontLine’s Director of Emergency Housing Services.

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