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Improved Security with Cost-Efficient Spend

Port Security | Virginia Port Authority

Challenge: To create a hybrid maritime security program supplementing law enforcement with contract security.

The Virginia Port Authority spans six terminals covering 1,864 acres and 19,885 linear feet of berths. Securitas USA covers four of the port’s maritime facilities that require a specialized and specific approach to security.  There are strict and exact government regulations to enforce and documentation to complete.


  • As part of the hybrid team of contract security and port police, Securitas security officers handle access control at the gates and some inspections.
  • TWIC-certified Securitas officers help ensure that everyone who enters the terminal is credentialed, vetted and has a business purpose. 
  • Security officers transport the crew from designated gangways and pickup areas, to minimize the risk of on-site accidents and injuries.


Utilizing contract security allowed the port to reduce their costs by staffing by the hour while the level of security has remained the same. “We are still a very secure port and have well-trained, committed officers doing the same jobs,” explains Michael Brewer, Chief of Police for the Virginia Port Authority. 

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Improving efficiency without compromising security

An international airport needed security that would attend to the safety needs of the facility, its workforce, and travelers. Securitas drew on international expertise to tailor a program to provide cost-efficient service.

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