Prioritizing Security with Employee Safety

Securitas USA Remote Employee Escort utilizes live video surveillance with audio notification to help ensure a safe environment as employees arrive and depart the area.

Our Remote Guarding means no surprises for employees or owners.  A Securitas Remote Guarding officer activates cameras and scans the premises for unauthorized activity or potential threats.

If your situation calls for an on-site presence, our Mobile Guarding Employee Security Escort service offers another alternative to help keep your employees safe.

Advantages of Remote Employee Escort

  • Access to cutting-edge technology with no major new investment
  • On-demand response to requests from employees and contractors
  • Helps to promote a safe and secure environment
  • Cost-effective even if you have sites in remote locations
  • Enhances the productivity of your security officers


How Remote Employee Escort Works 

  • Cameras and software are set up to provide 24/7 Remote Guarding.
  • Highly trained Remote Guarding officers process requests for escorts in or around the facility
  • On-demand response to requests from employees and contractors
  • Response can include one- or two-way audio for live intervention
  • Evidence is documented if an incident occurs 
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