Help keep your facility safe with improved access control

Our Remote Entry/Exit Management service provides on-demand processing of authorized employees and visitors who require access to your facility. A Securitas Remote Guarding officer activates cameras and audio devices, scans the area, and follows your established authorization protocol.

The same service is also able to guard your perimeter for employee safety, procedure compliance and shrink reduction, including: Employee Entry Management, Vendor Entry Management and Backdoor Supervision.

Advantages of Remote Entry/Exit Management

  • Access to cutting-edge technology with no major new investment
  • On-demand processing of employees, visitors and contractors
  • Services provided as needed
  • Cost-effective even if you have many sites in remote locations
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Efficient Access Control Made Possible with Security Kiosks

Michelin North America needed an improvement to their time-consuming access control system. Securitas technicians designed a solution that utilized new technologies while providing a consistent security presence.

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