RGGo: Emergency Deployment Solution

Highly trained Remote Guarding officers are connected to this solution right out of the box and are able to protect your facility and leverage the largest Mobile security footprint in North America

What is Securitas RGGo?

It's an affordable, fast and easily deployable security solution with low impact installation. Securitas RGGo offers an easy to set-up, fully contained video solution with Remote Guarding services and Mobile Guarding response.

Key Features of RGGo:

  • Connectivity to Securitas Operation Center
  • Video analytics facilitate Remote Perimeter Protection to alert Remote Guarding Officers to unwanted persons or vehicles
  • Remote Patrols using live view capabilities allow for proactive security measures
  • Installation and on-going service support from Mobile Guarding Officers
  • Two wireless weather-resistant HD cameras to provide oversight on two key areas of your property

Key Benefits of RGGo:

  • Connection to Securitas Remote and Mobile Guarding resources who can investigate the activity and make a determination as to the appropriate level of response
  • This rapid-deployment solution can quickly address short-term needs
  • Modular and flexible solution allows for the capability to re-deploy the cameras in alternate locations or sites
  • Cellular connectivity means no interference with your network or bandwidth

Is Securitas RGGo right for you?

For larger sites or those with more complex and/or consistent security needs, RGWatch is a more rugged solution.

For sites with camera systems already in place, RGConnect can quickly connect those cameras to our Remote Guarding services.

For more complex and consistent needs, a customized combination of Electronic Security with Remote Guarding can offer a variety of unique solutions.

Not sure which is the right fit? Complete the form or contact your local office to learn more.

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Emergency Security Solution for Department Store Chain

With increases in vagrancy incidents at the client’s store during COVID-19 stay-at-home orders, RGGo offered a quick solution.

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