Flexible & Rugged Deployment Solution

Connecting your site to our highly trained Remote Guarding officers at the 24/7 Securitas Operation Center, allowing them to provide video escorts to employees after hours or use analytics to detect and mitigate unwanted activity at your site.

What is RGWatch?

RGWatch is a quick and flexible connection to our highly trained Remote Guarding officers with first-in-class camera technology. It offers a rapid, low impact installation and highly flexible service configurations. It can provide Remote Escorts to employees or use analytics to protect your facility without costly or time-consuming installation. It is often paired with our Mobile Guarding response for a comprehensive and flexible customized security plan.

Key Benefits RGWatch:

  • Remote Guarding can help deter and mitigate potential security threats
  • Force-multiplier to increase visibility to key areas of your site
  • Speaker allows for real-time communication to individuals in the area
  • Rugged design to accommodate remote outdoor locations
  • No interference with your network or bandwidth
  • Stand-alone capabilities or can be part of a suite of solutions customized for your dynamic needs

Key Features of RGWatch:

  • Connectivity to Securitas Operation Center and all Remote Guarding service options
  • Professional-grade video analytics alert Remote Guarding officers based on activity such as: people or vehicles, loitering, direction of travel, etc.
  • Proactive Remote Patrols to search for proper work procedure (i.e. safe work practices and PPE) or specific types of unwanted activity
  • Remote Escorts for employees leaving after hours
  • HD camera with on-board storage, and cellular

Is RGWatch right for you?

RGWatch is an easy solution for many clients, just requiring a power source. It is part of Securitas' many Integrated Guarding options that enables us to deliver clients of all sizes with full spectrum security from a single point of contact.

For sites with camera systems already in place, RGConnect can quickly connect those cameras to our Remote Guarding services.

For less complex and/or urgent applications, RGGo's emergency deployment may be a better fit. This solution operates on battery power, making it a truly wireless solution.

For sites with more complex and/or consistent security needs, Securitas Electronic Security and Remote Guarding can offer a variety of other solutions with even more customization.

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Growing Security While Trimming Costs

This Securitas Remote Guarding plan enables the client to pass compliance inspections, improve the site’s safety, and increase responsiveness.

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