National Communications Center

Security requirements don’t stop when your business closes. Situations can arise at any hour - day or night. That’s why Securitas USA maintains a 24/7 National Communications Center (NCC). When our local offices close, the NCC takes over, helping to ensure that our clients and officers obtain any needed assistance.

Expert, Personalized Service

Located in the Securitas Operation Center in Charlotte, NC, our NCC serves client needs and ensures our security officers are on duty as scheduled. Every question, every alert and every reported incident receives individual attention. All calls are voice-recorded, and all events and situations are documented.

Working Together with Local Offices

While national in scope, the NCC works closely with our local offices. At the end of the business day, our telephone systems from across the country automatically forward office calls to the NCC. The NCC’s security-trained staff can easily access local office information for a quick, effective response.

Post Confirmation (PoCo®) System

Our PoCo system verifies the location and status of Securitas’ 88,000+ officers across the country. This value-added service objectively confirms that security officers are safe at their posts and working diligently to protect your facility. If an officer does not confirm his or her location, the NCC is instantly notified and responds as appropriate.

Uninterrupted Service Provided 24/7

You can depend on the NCC’s reliability and our full disaster recovery capabilities. We use the ultimate in backup systems, including multiple phone companies and telephone switches, uninterruptible power supplies and redundant computer systems. This tested system allows a seamless backup that ensures our dedicated team is always ready to serve you during emergencies, such as earthquakes or hurricanes, when continuous coverage is critical.

The Securitas NCC Advantage

The NCC is one more way Securitas delivers the people, technology and knowledge that offer the best customer service in the industry, providing:

  • A staff of security-trained professionals available 24/7, every day of the year.
  • Advanced software recording of all call activity for quality assurance.
  • A PoCo system that helps to ensure officer safety and diligence.
  • Access to our centralized incident capture and reporting services.
  • Redundant backup systems that deliver continuous availability of Securitas management.
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