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Remote Entry/Exit Management

Efficiently Process Requests Remotely

With Remote Entry/Exit Management, we can verify that entry points are opened only for authorized activity. In compliance with existing access control protocols, we can verify the identity of individuals requesting access, confirm authorization, track and record activity, and report any exceptions.

Whether you have sporadic activity during slow hours, are looking to streamline and have better records of your entry processes, or need to fill in gaps during officer breaks, Remote Entry/Exit Management can address those needs. 

A Securitas Remote Guarding officer activates cameras and audio devices, scans the area, and follows your established authorization protocol. Securitas works with our clients to determine the appropriate procedures - what can be automated and what needs to be recorded - to realize notable efficiencies.

Advantages of Remote Entry/Exit Management:

  • Provides on-demand processing of individuals requesting access to your facility
  • Maintains the security of your facility’s entry points and appropriately documents employees, visitors and contractors as they enter or leave
  • Each request is handled uniformly, creating meaningful data that can be used to track personnel activity
  • Enhances the productivity of your security program
  • Part of a comprehensive Protective Services portfolio

Create efficiencies without sacrificing security

How Remote Entry/Exit Management Works

  • Two-way audio allows for real-time interaction, verification and communication of key information and details
  • Highly trained security professionals remotely provide on-demand processing of individuals requesting access to your facility and authorize entry only to those with appropriate credentials
  • Each request for entry or exit is documented and auditable should the need arise