Officer of the Year

Sinetria House: Security Officer of the Year, Heroism

The Heroism Award is given to a security officer who performs an act that demonstrates courage, daring, professionalism and self-sacrifice while helping to protect people or property. This year’s recipient, Sinetria House, was nominated for the award after helping to de-escalate a situation when an armed man entered the Sooner Management site where she worked.

While on duty in February, Officer House encountered a confused and upset visitor in the lobby. After speaking with the person, she requested assistance from the building engineer and her district manager. She then contacted the police and continued to calmly talk to the suspect who then pulled a semi-automatic pistol from his coat and told the engineer to sit behind the security desk. District Manager Michael Butler arrived in the lobby, observed the armed suspect with his finger on the trigger, and after being told by the suspect to get out, moved away from the lobby. House continued to talk and asked the suspect questions to keep him calm.

“Sinetria engaged the suspect for over 20 minutes until police arrived,” said Butler. “Her calm manner and professionalism were critical to resolving the situation without injury.”

“When the suspect pulled the gun, all I could think about was staying in control of the situation and not letting him hurt me or anyone else,” said House. “As he pulled the gun out and started to point it at people, I knew I had to keep him calm. I spoke to him like I was one of his friends to keep him in a cool manner. I can remember asking him, ‘Please don’t hurt anyone.’ No matter how much training you’ve had, nothing ever prepares you for something like that to occur.”

House was very honored to receive this award and said, “I want to say a special thanks to Senior Property Manager Janet Hetmer for always having the confidence in me to handle situations and always having my back, and my District Manager Michael Butler for assisting me with the situation on that day. This event has changed my life.” 

Officer House is known for being kind and pleasant to everyone she encounters. She has always demonstrated tremendous customer service skills, a helpful attitude, a diligent demeanor and loyalty. House is highly focused on the safety of the building where she works. All appreciate that she was there that day to help during this event and keep everyone safe.

Area Vice President Tom Gross added, “Officer House has always provided our office building with tremendous customer service performance. I’m certain that it was her calm and pleasant demeanor that helped manage and defuse a very volatile situation. We are so proud to call her a teammate of the Securitas Dallas Area.”