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Meet the 2020 Security Officers of the Year

Securitas security officers on a lobby staircase.

Securitas North America annually recognizes one security officer for heroism and one for outstanding performance. The Security Officer of the Year recipients are chosen based on nominations from their colleagues and managers.

Margarita Bennett: 2020 Security Officer of the Year - Heroism

The Heroism Award is given to a security officer who performs an act that demonstrates courage, daring, professionalism and self-sacrifice while helping to protect people or property. This year’s recipient, Officer Bennett is a first responder at an engine manufacturing site in Michigan. Her keen instincts when a forklift caught fire earned the profound admiration of colleagues, management and the client.

Montrell Travis: 2020 Security Officer of the Year - Performance

This award recognizes a security officer who has consistently provided excellent service and outstanding performance. This year’s award winner is Site Supervisor Montrell Travis, who currently is posted at a Department of Homeland Security-monitored chemical site in South Carolina. His impeccable attention to detail, work ethic, professionalism and managerial ability have earned him high praise from colleagues and management.

“Officers Bennett and Travis are great examples of who we are as a company and the level of service our clients can expect.” said Securitas North America Guarding CEO and President Greg Anderson. “We appreciate their outstanding contributions, their professionalism and their willingness to give 110% for our clients. These exceptional officers represent some of the best of the more than 100,000 Securitas officers in North America, and I couldn’t be more proud to recognize them and their actions.”

Join us in congratulating Margarita and Montrell and thank you to all officers who are Helping to Make Our World a Safer Place.

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