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Securitas security officers on a lobby staircase.

Meet the 2019 Security Officers of the Year

Securitas North America annually recognizes one security officer for heroism and one for outstanding performance. The Security Officer of the Year recipients are chosen based on nominations from their colleagues and managers.

Sinetria House: 2019 Security Officer of the Year -  Heroism

The Heroism Award is given to a security officer who performs an act that demonstrates courage, daring, professionalism and self-sacrifice while helping to protect people or property. This year’s recipient, Sinetria House, was nominated for the award after helping to de-escalate a situation when an armed man entered the Sooner Management site where she worked.


This award recognizes a security officer who has consistently provided excellent service and outstanding performance. This year’s award winner is Ron Rolston, who joined Securitas Canada as a security officer and then moved into the role of Fire Prevention Inspector (FPI) in 1992. He’s been at
the same client site for 30 years due to his exemplary performance in every aspect of his role.

Due to the unusual circumstances presented by COVID-19, Securitas North America postponed its typical celebration and formal presentation to honor the award nominees. In recognition of their outstanding service and achievement, we still want to take this opportunity to announce the Security Officers of the Year and share their accomplishments. Each officer also received a commemorative plaque and a $5,000 cash award.

“Both Ron and Sinetria are shining examples of why Securitas is leading the industry,” said President and CEO North America Guarding Greg Anderson. “My thanks to both of you for the incredible work you’re doing in supporting our clients and being positive representatives for Securitas North America. Your service and dedication are models for all employees.” Although the most recent officers to be honored, they stand in good company with those who’ve been previously recognized and all officers who, in the course of their duties, distinguish themselves through actions large and small. Join us in congratulating Ron and Sinetria and thank you to all officers who are Helping to Make Our World a Safer Place.

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