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Our Responsibility

Securitas USA's commitment to sustainability spans a wide range of activities with emphasis on infrastructure and operations, energy emissions, transportation, and supply chain management. For us, corporate social responsibility (CSR) is an integral part of our everyday work.

Client Facing Initiatives

By providing security solutions for companies and communities, Securitas allows its clients to focus on their core business and prosper. We also offer specialized services that help our clients become more efficient and reduce their impact on the environment. For example, our security service teams qualify alongside their client counterparts in initiatives regarding quality, sustainability and the environment.

Although we are not a producer of finished goods that rely on consumption and/or conversion of raw materials, we have initiated internal value chain program goals which benefit us and our clients.


Our people are the most important component for delivering value to our clients; they truly make the difference. We understand the combination of nature and culture present in every client workplace and country in which we provide service. This interplay of nature and culture underlies our sustainable development initiatives which deliver benefit to local communities in which we serve and society in general.

Securitas Annual and Sustainability Report 2022