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Remote Perimeter Protection

Intelligent Video Surveillance that Proactively Searches for Threats

With the continued evolution of behavioral video analytics, you can rely on Securitas technology to be alert for unwanted activity near your perimeter or sensitive areas.

Analytic rules can be customized to alert Remote Guarding officers to security threats such as persons or vehicles breaching your perimeter, entering restricted areas, loitering, or traveling in the wrong direction.

Remote Perimeter Protection offers remarkable efficiencies as it constantly monitors the scene and engages the human element only when the analytic criteria have been met. We also actively optimize the system over time to deter another persistent threat - false alarms. Securitas can then manage the entire chain - from technology to officers to on-site response. This level of efficiency can provide complete protection for a nominal fee.


Advantages of Remote Perimeter Protection:

  • Proactive technology can alert Remote Guarding officers to potential threats before an incident occurs
  • Cameras with artificial intelligence software can detect activity missed by the human element
  • Efficiency and productivity of your security program is enhanced
  • Scalable solutions can adapt to fluctuations in activity
  • Part of a comprehensive Protective Services portfolio

Leverage intelligent video to detect unwanted activity

How Remote Perimeter Protection Works:

  • Intelligent behavioral video analytic rules are customized for each camera view based on site requirements
  • Highly trained security professionals review video of the analytic alarm activation and investigate live video feeds to verify a valid threat
  • Expert consultative design helps to select ideal equipment and its placement in critical areas of your facility to optimize service delivery
  • Response can include client-tailored audio for real-time intervention