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Specialized Healthcare Security Training

All Securitas healthcare security officers complete our Healthcare Academy, which provides comprehensive training that enables security officers to get acclimated to the healthcare environment, including handling the threat of workplace violence.

The Securitas Healthcare Academy trains at the local level and provides a foundation of professional expertise to each security officer. This highly effective program is accomplished through extensive training programs that leverage online technologies, curriculum from subject matter experts, and the latest in adult learning practices.

Securitas has both instructor-led and just in time training on these topics: Customer Service Excellence, Certified Security Supervisors Program (CSSP), Concierge Services, Workplace Violence prevention, Behavioral Health security and Emergency and Disaster preparedness.

Our comprehensive training programs specifically address healthcare security and can be supplemented with training tailored to meet Client needs. Securitas can facilitate certifications of officers and supervisors through International Association for Healthcare Security and Safety (IAHSS).

Healthcare Academy

The Academy is organized into an eight hour instructor-led day of classes by a certified healthcare academy instructor. Some sample resources include:

  • Behavioral Health Security
  • Infant Security
  • Emergency Department
  • Healthcare Use of Force
  • Security Sensitive Areas

Healthcare Supervisor Training

This sixteen hour course presented by a senior management representative instructs participants on management of a security team that adheres to the Hospital Security and on how to meet hospital compliance requirements. The course is comprised of:

  • Coaching Tips
  • Wage and Hour Training
  • Securitas USA Healthcare Post Academy Training and Documentation
  • Healthcare Regulatory Compliance (TJC)
  • Hip Pocket training