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Celebrating Securitas’ 90th Anniversary

Celebrate with us as Securitas turns 90! Since 1934, we've grown from a small Swedish operation into a global security leader. Discover our journey of innovation and dedication to safety.

For nine decades, Securitas has faithfully served as your partner in safety, blending human touch with cutting-edge technology - because we believe that at the core of every great security solution, there you are.

It's a journey we've been on for a while, and one we're excited to share. Our story is one built on strong values, technologic innovation, and a people-first philosophy.

Our humble beginnings trace back to 1934 in Helsingborg, Sweden, birthed from the vision of Erik Philip-Sörensen. From a night guard operation, we've since transformed into a global powerhouse in security solutions.

Our innovation-driven journey began as early as the mid-1940s when we started integrating technology into our solutions. This forward-thinking approach paid off, with us launching the world's first online-connected ATM in 1968 - a revolutionary move! These tech-infused solutions have helped our clients focus on their businesses while we take care of their safety - the foundation of our tech arm, Securitas Technology.

Erik Philip-Sörensen’s foresight in 1958 led to the establishment of our core values: integrity, helpfulness, and vigilance. These were chronicled in the “Code of Conduct for Officers,” with the goal of upholding professional standards and ensuring ongoing improvement, truly shaping Securitas into what it is today.

The leadership era of former CEO Melker Schörling in the 1980s embraced areas like simplification, client focus, and international expansion. This focus led to our growth across Europe, the U.S., and beyond. Our continued emphasis on specialized security services and a commitment to excellence has been maintained throughout our global journey.

Our purpose of making the world a safer place doesn’t just benefit our clients, but the world at large, says our President and CEO, Magnus Ahlqvist. “Our timeless values have shaped our culture and set a standard of excellence, while our continuous improvement and innovation have allowed us to meet the evolving needs of our clients and the broader security landscape.”

Philip-Sörensen's belief in well-trained personnel with a clear professional ethos has propelled us into a leadership role in the security industry. Our commitment to understanding clients' needs, daring to expand, and staying curious about the future has made us a trailblazer in the industry.